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Jason worked with me on a home renovation in West Ashley. For the whole duration of the project, I was out of state in California and Jason managed the whole job. There were so many circumstances where Jason went above and beyond to support the success of the project. This is absolutely needed when you are out of state as there are tiny little details that you cannot track or attend to as a result. In all these instances and more, Jason was a complete godsend. I cannot overstate the amount of trust and confidence I have in Jason, his company – the people he contracts with, everything. My project was a success because of him – how good he is at what he does, the excellence of his work, how great a communicator he is and how willing he is to be of assistance exceptional circumstances. I could go on and on but truly I said it to so many people in my personal life—I couldn’t be doing this project if I was working with anyone else.

- Alexandria R.

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